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Hello everyone,

Thought I’d quickly say a massive thank you to everyone who has visited us so far this year. I know on occasion we have been pretty busy and I just wanted to say that we always really appreciate your patience and loyalty when queuing, we are looking at ways to make the anticipation of a delicious ice cream even more fun and if anyone wants to come and perform some magic tricks or sing a song anytime please feel free to do so.

We have a couple of new faces in our shops this year along with a host of new flavours which I know you’ve seen on our Xanax Online India or on our new Alprazolam Purchase. No need to panic, the favourites such as Snickers, Ferrero, Turkish Delight and Squishy are all sticking around and others such as Wild Cherry and Vanilla keep getting better and more refined each year.

Both shops are receiving a face lift over the next few weeks, a slight logo tweak and more of the pink crystals will be appearing to brighten up the place and help us to be even more visible from the massive new Asda car park. Oh yeah, that reminds me… hey Asda wheres our bridge you promised?

Did you know we now accept card payments in both of our shops? Its fast and saves us running out of change, we also serve tea and superb coffee… oh and did I mention the use of our wi-fi is also completely free! Just ask a member of staff for the access code and ‘check in’ or why not use our shop as an alternative to the usual business meeting venue.

Other news in brief… Mr B’s has entered the Red Bull Soapbox Race, we’re waiting to hear if we’ve made the grade. We will definitely be entering this years Hayle Raft Race so that should be a lot of fun and theres still some weekends our Alprazolam Cheapest Price, contact us now for availability.

Once again a massive thanks to everyone for your support and heres to a hot and enjoyable summer.

Mr B’s

Order Xanax Online Review

Christmas is coming… which can only mean one thing… Summer 2015 is just around the corner. Treat your bezzie, ya mom or ya lovely Granddad to one of our stunning new Mr B’s logo tees this Christmas. Full details, colours and order info coming soon.

Order Alprazolam From Mexico

Can You Buy Alprazolam In India

Lovely article and some moving photos and stories on the Xanax 2Mg Buy Online.

Xanax Buy Online India

Watch out for the old Ice Cream Van at the end of the video, great mobile shot. You can feel the heat and almost taste the ice cream from just the queue and the ‘Gelato’ sign on the top of the van

Email us your Mr B’s photos to By Alprazolam Online and we’ll post the best selection on our Xanax Online India or tag them on Instagram #mrbsicecream

Xanax Online Sweden

Busy couple of weeks at Mr B’s and yet another non Ice Cream related blog post… however it would have been wrong not share this with you. Any Star Wars based Ice Cream flavour suggestions much appreciated.

Where Can I Buy Alprazolam Cod

Channel 5 and Milkshake Monkey visit Mr B’s Ice Cream Parlour.

Or, watch another Cheeky Monkey Cheap Real Xanax Online

Cheap Xanax Bars Online

Becoming more and more popular each season, Mr B’s Ice Cream Cakes are as individual as each of customers. Made with a sponge base and then layers of any two flavours ice cream all incased within a special whipped cream outer before being glazed and finished with chocolate chunks, drizzles or maybe spun sugar… Chocolate writing can be added with a birthday message or your very best one liner. Xanax Online Uk

Xanax Online Flashback

Our Ice Cream Van is currently undergoing a full refit ready for the 2014 summer season. We’re maintaining the Mr B’s cream, brown and pink colour scheme but increasing the space inside for more special wedding touches… that and Charlotte was fed up with sitting on the rickety seat on those long trips to all your secret wedding venues around the county. Theres a full photo shoot coming soon, along with some magazine articles. Xanax 2Mg Online if you want to book the van for your wedding or event.

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In India

Did you know that all of our Fudge Sticks and Fudge pieces are homemade using a top secret devised and perfected by Mr B himself. You wont find any nasty additives or palm oils in our Fudge, just natural ingredients and Cornwall’s finest Clotted Cream.