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Alprazolam Mail Order - Buy Herbal Xanax Online

The very best artisan ice cream, made seven days a week in the centre of Hayle, using both locally-sourced, Cornish produce and fine Italian ingredients.

At Mr B’s we offer both the classics and the eye-popping; from the timeless Vanilla and Fresh Strawberry, to a Dutch Apple Crumble, Maple and Pecan or the spell-bindingly-named Triple Choc Chunk Fudge Chunk Choc Chip Ripple (try rattling that one off in a hurry…). And if you’re more of a sorbet lover why not try the refreshing Apple, Lime and Mint sorbet that tastes just like a Mojito or our popular Mango sorbet. Mr B’s just wouldn’t be Mr B’s without all the wonderful and delicious extras: eat-in desserts and homemade fresh sauces. There’s more on offer than you can shake a chocolate-dipped cone at!

Our delicious ice creams are available at Penpol Terrace, Foundry (opposite Asda) and at Market Square, Copperhouse (opposite Julian Foye).

Closed until February 2019

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