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Ordering Xanax Online - Cheaper Alternative To Xanax

Ordering Xanax Online - Cheaper Alternative To Xanax

Mr B’s is mobile. Presenting our classic 1970′s Mk1 Transit Ice Cream Van all kitted it out ready to serve our fantastic Ice Creams and desserts at your wedding. Available to hire, our traditional 1970’s van is the perfect addition for your Wedding, Birthday Party or special event. Serving an unlimited supply of our award winning artisan Ice Cream with home made sauces or even a range of our handmade Ice Cream desserts, our van is sure to be a hit at your party.

Here’s what is included…

  • Set up and service for two hours (extra hours can be arranged).
  • A free taster session with your partner in our parlours.
  • Unlimited servings of our hand made ice cream, Your choice of six flavours of award-winning ice cream or sorbet.
  • Traditional premium waffle cones and double tubs.
  • Flakes & serviettes.
  • Smartly dressed, trained staff.
  • Choice of extras.

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the age and speed of our van (or lack of) we can only cover a 30 mile radius of TR27 postcode.

Images courtesy of Lizzie Churchill – Best Place To Order Xanax Online

Ice Cream Van enquiry form

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